This website is dedicated to documenting my experience of the new Modern Liberal Arts MA at the University of Winchester. Just after I started the course in September 2011 I found out that I was expecting a baby (my early blog posts tell this story). At the time, I felt sure that I would be able to continue with the MA once my baby was born. In fact, I’ll admit that I thought I’d have plenty of time once my baby arrived because I’d be on maternity leave – I laboured under the misapprehension that I wouldn’t be working.

Anyway, let’s just say reality hit when my gorgeous boy Samuel was born – I wasn’t ‘off work’, I was in fact in a new job with a very demanding new boss!

Samuel was born in May 2012. Soon after, I decided to take a break from the MA – not because I couldn’t make time for it but because I felt I didn’t want to. I wanted to eek out every last minute of time with my son in his infancy. I took seriously all the warnings from dear and trusted friends that his babyhood would whizz by in a flash and that I should enjoy every minute of it.

So, I formally suspended my studies that summer. I didn’t know exactly how long my break would be but 2 years later (June 2014) I have re-enrolled and am excited about picking up my studies and writing this blog again.

I have added some of my previous work – mainly essays written for MA in Education Studies at Sussex University (2002-2004) – should you be interested in learning more about my thinking and influences.

You may be wondering why I applied to do another Master’s Degree in the first place. That’s simple, I was looking for a framework that would enable me to continue my studies and, most importantly, an ongoing experience of learning that would be challenging. I am most certainly not doing this  course to obtain another qualification, that in itself doesn’t matter to me at all (although I must confess to enjoying swishing around in a mortar board and gown at graduation ceremonies!). The MA (the content and the teaching) is an end in itself, it is not a means to an end.

I recognise that I am hugely fortunate to be in a position to self-fund this degree and consider it to be an enormous privilege to be back at Winchester University being taught by Professor Nigel Tubbs.

I hope that my blog will give you a real insight into the course and, should you be considering doing it, help you to decide whether it would offer you the kind of higher education you are looking for.


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